About Our Company

So... Why "Bonfire"? 

We decided on the name because a bonfire is a bright, inviting circle where people gather to communicate, have fun and where they feel comfortable sharing ideas. Around a bonfire, the sparks draw your gaze upward, the heat and light are welcoming and the circle keeps everyone connected.  It’s a positive, relatable image that makes everyone feel included.  And that’s how we feel about our training – it’s for everyone and the skills light up their potential.



Bonfire Training coaches corporate leaders, reenergizes management teams, and empowers company frontline staff to be the best communicators in their business. We have a 30+ year history of training high profile organizations; and it’s our firm belief that effective communication builds upon the success of any company, in any industry.

Our company has made leaps and bounds from its modest start in 1985, and we’re proud of our continuous growth. Because we offer programs that are about Real Learning, Real Fun, and Real Results, we have clients all around the world that return to us year after year for continued education and training.

Lisa Raven has been President and CEO of Bonfire Training since 2003. Her diverse background in business management, entertainment production, and the arts continues to be a great asset for Bonfire, keeping us at the forefront of communication skills training. Working with our top-notch Trainers, Lisa helps ensure our programs are modern, fun, and crafted with practical strategies for the best outcomes.

Mary Beth Ingram started the company in 1985, and was joined by her husband Terry just a few years later. Their spark and passion, hard work, and superior service formed the basis of our brand, and even while enjoying retirement, they are very connected to Bonfire and its staff.

We were PhonePRO for 30 happy years and we listened to the feedback from our clients that our programs go beyond the phones, so we’ve changed our name to Bonfire Training. Though our name and logos have changed over time, our mission and values remain the same. For those of you who have stayed with us—Thank You! And to our new clients, welcome to Bonfire Training.


Our Mission
To improve lives and transform relationships through positive communication and helping people be their best, on purpose, every time.

Our Values
• Be Easy to Work With
• Operate with Honesty and Integrity
• Communicate with Mutual Respect
• Be Accountable—Do What You Say You’re Going To Do
• Consider Team Before Self
• Embrace Collaboration, Learning, and Idea-Sharing
• Create Positive Energy
• Practice What We Teach
• Infuse Fun and Passion into What We Do
• Cultivate Growth through Creativity and Innovation