New product preview – eLearning

Jun 1, 2018

Coming August 1 – New Customer Service eLearning modules

One of the most common questions we get at Bonfire is “Once our training is over, how can we get our new hires up to speed on this program?” It’s an important question, because getting new hires trained on the new standards and best practices is critical to maintaining consistency in service delivery throughout your company. We currently have several options, including return visits from your Bonfire Trainer, online webinars and a Train-the-Trainer certification and license program. We are excited to announce we are adding a new training product to the mix – eLearning!

That’s right – our new eLearning program is designed to be closely aligned with our classroom training and can be utilized both to bring new hires up to speed and also to provide refresher training on an ongoing basis to all employees. It will also function as an excellent stand-alone training program for companies with remote and work-at-home employees or where eLearning is the preferred method of training. This will ensure all employees learn the skills and retain them after the training is completed so they can continue to provide excellent service to all your customers.

The new program will be rolled out on August 1 and will contain 12 self-paced modules that each employee can do at their own pace whenever they have time - before or after work, between calls, or during short scheduled training breaks. The eLearning is interactive and will include video instruction, call recording examples and knowledge checks throughout each module that include matching, true/false, sequencing and more with immediate feedback.

Stay tuned for more information and check out the sample of one of the modules, Acknowledge and Take the Lead which is key technique for establishing rapport as well as controlling the call.

The training program is menu-based, scorm-compliant and can be downloaded onto most LMS platforms. It is also easily viewed on any device including desktop, tablet and mobile platforms. Call or email us today if you would like to learn more about this exciting new offering!