Frequently Asked Questions


How do I maintain appropriate staffing during training?

Bonfire Training has several options to ensure your organization is appropriately staffed during training. Some clients choose to divide staff into two groups and run them through the training at different intervals, ensuring no one is away for more than a few hours. Others choose to provide trainings through multiple departments to minimize the impact to an individual team. Alternatively, we can also deliver training after hours or over a weekend.

What is your recommended class size?

For most of our OnSite and Remote Training classes we recommend a class size of 12-20 participants per session. This ensures plenty of participation and sharing, and gives us the ability to facilitate hands-on activities. If this class size doesn’t fit your needs, we can modify our training for smaller groups.

Our OnDemand Webinars are appropriate for any class size. We recommend sharing Bonfire’s online content in group settings or opting for an unlimited access pass to maximize your training investment.

Bonfire Trainers can also deliver keynote presentations for audiences of all sizes. Visit our service page for Large Group Seminars to learn more

How long is the training?

Most of our OnSite and Remote Training courses are 7 hours in length, but we also have half-day programs available. You and your Bonfire Trainer will discuss your needs and decide on the topics that are most important to cover for your team. This customization will determine whether your program requires a full day of training or a condensed, half-day session.

Conversely, our OnDemand Webinars can be viewed in a single sitting—usually a half-hour or less. You can check out those resources here

What type of training reinforcement do you offer?

If your organization has already completed an OnSite Training program, know that your Bonfire Trainer is always available for advice and guidance even after the training is completed. We’re just a phone call or email away! And, remember to speak with your trainer or our solutions team about the Sustain the Training program, including the Spark Video Series.  

What does your training cost?

Customization is key at Bonfire Training - your organization's needs are unique and your training programs should distinctly reflect your goals. Our prices vary depending on your project complexity, location and class size.  See below for basic pricing for OnSite and LiveRemote, and to determine the best training for your budget and your team, please contact us for a free consultation.

OnSite Training

Most OnSite classes start at $2,600 per session for a full 7 hour day when multiple days are booked. Keep in mind, your site location, program length and class size does impact that price.

LiveRemote Training

These classes are specifically designed for a blended learning experience that will engage your team online with customized content for your needs, while including on the job training between sessions for the best retention of the concepts. These sessions begin at $1,500 and are a good fit for remote teams at many locations.