Flexible Training for Busy Organizations

“...An awesome instructor – this has to be one of the most useful trainings I have ever been to.”

February 2017

Looking for a great training program but have serious scheduling or geographical restrictions?

Welcome to the solution.

Our LiveRemote Training provides your team with customized courses delivered via webcast by a certified Bonfire trainer. . These live sessions can be accessed from anywhere in the world, reducing the carbon footprint of your training program.

Watch live, or at your convenience. Entirely online, these presentations focus on the goals and topics especially relevant to your company and its culture. These live webinars are formatted to include 60-minute segments along with time to practice the techniques on-the-job, making them a perfect fit for complicated schedules and busy staff members.

Once you’ve chosen to receive your training in a LiveRemote format, you’ll be working with one of our Bonfire trainers to create a program that meets your organization’s specific goals, challenges and needs. And we work to ensure that your training is completely integrated into the day-to-day routines at your company.

  • First, your customized workbooks, job aids and training materials will arrive before the day of training. These are time tested tools that help you realize the full benefit of your training investment.
  • Second, you’ll receive information on how to ‘Sustain the Training’ including how to focus on training topics and continue to improve your team’s skills.
  • Third, we offer the Spark Video Series which revisits specific topics in a video format that can be sent out to your team on a regular schedule that ensures the correct pace. These little micro learning videos are a great way to reinforce the training your team received.

Our LiveRemote sessions provide your employees with real time, reproducible skills that can be used throughout your organization.

Whether we’re meeting at your office or on your desktop, you’ll be delighted with the training Bonfire provides and the lasting value you’ll receive. No matter where you are or how busy you’ve become, it’s always the right time to catch the spark that a motivated, empowered team can provide your company.

Have questions? Ready to go? Call us today and let’s get started.