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Whether your team is spread across the country, or your day-to-day is just too crowded to take an entire day off for training, our OnDemand customer service training seminars are here to help get your team up and running with great phone etiquette. With Bonfire’s comprehensive lineup of online telephone customer service courses, you get the quality training your team needs whenever you want it—anytime and anywhere!

Bonfire Customer Service Training OnDemand

Each of our phone skills training sessions are designed to give you quality, concise training you can watch in one sitting. When you want to offer ongoing education on a budget, OnDemand Training is a great, cost-effective solution. Every one of our customer service training videos includes examples of concept application and comes with quizzes and reporting options—a big value-add for our clients. Managers and leaders appreciate the fact that they can track team members’ progress in real time.

We currently offer 9 courses total. Each topic (except for One Great Reception) has content divided into two parts. Please note: Both parts of the customer service training seminars are completely unique. While the overall theme is the same, it’s perfectly fine to take Part 1 or Part 2 as a stand-alone option.

Develop Phone Etiquette Skills

Of course, a lot of clients still decide to take their customer service courses simultaneously. Because the material is so different, the two halves tend to go together like peanut butter and jelly!

Etiquette EssentialsThis telephone answering customer service training course teaches your team the basics of opening, closing, and controlling a customer call with empathy and professionalism.

Proceed with Caution—Does your team know how to avoid trigger words? These customer service seminars teach alternative phrasing techniques for handling difficult discussions with tact.

Gems for Conversation—Your service reps are responsible for building rapport with customers. Both of these videos show how personal presentation and attitude can enhance your company’s image.

Telephone Tyrants—Can your staff resolve problems before they escalate? In this customer service training course, we explain how to handle even the hardest calls with professionalism and grace.

One Great Reception—This unique course teaches individuals in receptionist roles how to juggle multiple lines with ease—all while managing the front desk for visitors and other staff members.

When you’re signing up for customer service courses online, it’s important to look at the options like a buffet. You can sample all of the customer service seminars, or just stick with one! Because each video is accessed à la carte style, your team is sure to be on the same page. You’re always in total control of what to put on the training menu!

Sign Up for OnDemand Customer Service Courses

Your 24/7 access to the Bonfire OnDemand Training library lets your team take all of our key customer service courses online. An unlimited access pass for 30, 60, or 90 days (up to 1 year) lets you watch any of our customer service training videos as many times as your heart desires! Want to start small? Just select the pay per view option. With OnDemand, you can always come back for more.

Our customer service training videos cover a lot of material. If you need help deciding which courses are right for your team—or you want to learn more about our group rates—please contact us today. We’re always happy to chat!

Etiquette Essentials

Make an impression that won’t soon be forgotten by setting the tone for the call in the first 3 seconds. This seminar will demonstrate The Best Way to Open, Close & Control the Call.

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Proceed with Caution

We don’t always know where the conversation took a wrong turn – we may think saying “I can’t” is perfectly reasonable if that’s the truth, but it can be a direct route to angering a caller. This seminar will show alternative phrasing that will communicate the same message in a positive way to protect the relationship with the caller, even the toughest conversations. Watch this seminar to learn the importance of Positive Voice Tone & Word Choices.

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Gems for Conversation

Competently gather needed information, while building a rapport that will enhance your company’s reputation and keep customers coming back! This seminar will discuss The Impact ‘Attitude’ has on Conversation, as well as a closer look at the importance of Voice Tone.

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Telephone Tyrants

What’s the difference between a Difficult Caller and an Abusive Caller? We’ll explain how to recognize the difference and explain the specific skills for handling each type, and how to navigate them successfully. Watch this seminar to discover The Transforming Skill of Empathy & Understanding the Caller Types.

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One Great Reception

Learn the art of juggling face-to-face and phone interactions…a necessity for all great receptionists! This seminar covers the solid skills from Etiquette Essentials, and also incorporates Effectively Juggling Face-to-Face Visitors, Callers and Multiple Lines. A must-see for all staff in a Receptionist or similar position!

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