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“The presenter kept us engaged with the content,
and how it applies to all of us in varied roles and skill sets.”


Whether it’s basic onboarding for new hires or skill building for current employees, any successful business has to educate its staff. Without formalized training in place, teams are left to flounder and “figure it out,” while chaos reigns. Departments languish while profits stall. Typically, it also means larger corporate values and missions will be unknown among rank and file employees, while an “every man for himself” culture results in little innovation and high turnover. Over time, companies that don’t emphasize skill acquisition typically fall by the wayside, while organizations that do surge ahead.

If your company is interested in success, you need the competitive edge that only good training can provide.

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Bonfire offers fully customized, OnSite training programs that address the needs and specific concerns your team brings to the table. Our transformative seminars will change the way your employees do business by equipping them with reproducible, real-time communication skills they can use in every interaction and with every customer. An ownership mindset and enthusiastic innovation will become the new norm for your team through our fun AND effective program.

After an OnSite observation, your Bonfire trainer will design a program that incorporates the real-life situations and conflicts that your team already encounters on a daily basis. We’ll show them new ways of handling old problems, emphasizing practical skill acquisition and their applications to everyday scenarios. Rather than having to listen to a boring lecturer talking at your staff, your team will instead enjoy opportunities for frequent questions, feedback, group exercises and plenty of practice. There’s a reason our trainers are often asked at the end of a seminar, “How long have you worked here?” Only Bonfire’s OnSite Training provides a deep dive approach to your company’s challenges and strengths. We offer the support and rapport that comes from face-to-face, in-person interactions and a personalized curriculum. 

Did you know that adults learn and retain information in direct proportion to the amount of fun they are having? That’s why our presentations incorporate authenticity and humor along with teaching solid, professional tools and techniques. Your staff can expect to be engaged while they learn! Our trainers are the best in the business, combining a passion for training with proven experience in helping employees become the best they can be. Our seminars are more than just a memorable experience. That’s the Bonfire difference: a demonstrable ROI that takes the form of greater job satisfaction and productivity almost immediately.

If you’re ready to take your company and team to the next level, our proven OnSite training is your solution. Get in touch with Bonfire Training today. We’ll design a program customized to align specifically with your needs and objectives. And let your team catch the spark that only real motivation and empowerment can ignite!