Communication, Leadership and Customer Service Training

Great service and empowering company culture isn’t something you can force. And it’s not as simple as telling someone to have a nice day. The best customer service and communication skills training is Bonfire’s – we dig deep, and our instructors will teach your team members how to connect with people in a real, empathetic way. That means no set scripts. Nothing stale or robotic. Just solid conversations to take professional etiquette back down to earth—and satisfaction ratings through the roof!

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We firmly believe that awesome communication skills and good attitudes build success. Loyal customers go hand-in-hand with happy employees, and it’s only natural to want that positivity to spread within your own organization. But first, it takes a spark. That kind of company culture has to be nurtured before it can spread. At Bonfire, we offer an array of customer service training programs that aim to do just that.

In our style of onsite customer service training, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every organization deals with different types of clients, so we never present the same material exactly the same way twice. We like to kick off each program with an Observation Day. The assessment helps our Trainers adopt your industry language and manner of doing things, so when they get ready to present one of our OnSite Training courses, they’ll be able to use specific examples that your team can relate to.  

With our lineup of courses, workplace development isn’t dull—it’s empowering! Customer service training is always better with Bonfire. Contact us today to schedule your Free Phone Consultation.