Customer Service Advantage

"Makes you look at yourself and want to improve!"
2017 Participant

Looking for a way to differentiate your customer service in today’s competitive marketplace? The Customer Service Advantage workshop is your answer. This popular training empowers team members to move beyond the ordinary, and truly HELP your customers.  

With these techniques, you can provide customers with not just a positive perception of your organization, but a total experience that ensures:

HELP is Hope Experience Learn and Progress for every interaction

Hope: feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen

Experience: intentionally create a positive experience for each interaction

Learn: about each individual customer’s needs and understand their point of view

Progress: move each customer’s situation to resolution or a step closer to resolution

In this program, we’ll teach you the ways in which really HELP-ing customers depends upon the following:

  1. Growth mindset vs. Fixed Mindset – focusing on self -improvement rather than changing or blaming others
  2. Self-awareness – Being able to observe yourself objectively and understand how your perceptions of yourself, others, and the situation are driving your actions

Providing a Customer Service Advantage starts with Self-Awareness. That’s why we start this seminar with a fun, low-stress DISC assessment to help participants learn more about themselves, identifying current strengths and challenges. Then, we’ll focus on building specific techniques as needed, enhancing existing skills and moving participants toward total mastery. It’s a positive experience that lets your team accrue real-time confidence and insights, both crucial in delivering the Customer Service Advantage.

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The skills we focus on include:


Empathy - The ability to understand the feelings, thoughts or attitudes of others and express care and concern

  • Tips on how to show empathy if it doesn’t come naturally to you
  • Statistics and case studies on the difference empathy can make in customer service

Customer Advocacy - Actively and proactively support and promote what is good for others

  • Reactive vs. Proactive Customer Service
  • Being an “ambassador” between the company and the customer, not a “judge”

Resiliency - Recover from adversity and discomfort to perform at your best every time

  • QTIP—Quit Taking it Personally!
  • The importance of practicing gratitude

Adaptability - Modify personal behaviors and emotions to create a receptive environment

  • Being open to others’ opinions, thoughts and feelings
  • Listening to understand rather than how you will respond or argue

Ask Great Questions - Formulate questions that extract useful answers—the goal is specificity

  • How to ask questions that create thoughtful and detailed responses
  • Practicing silence to give others time to answer
  • Expand—ask for examples or details

Persuasion - Move others to belief or action

  • Creating reciprocity through patience and understanding customers’ motives
  • Using positive thoughts to curb negative emotions
  • Asking for commitment - getting in the habit of a simple, direct request 

Who Should Attend

This training is right for any department or team looking to improve their communication skills on the phone, face-to-face or online. If your employees have already mastered the basics of customer service, this course is the “mission critical” next step.

Class Details

The Customer Service Advantage seminar uses information on individualized behavior styles to improve team performance. With our sensitive assessments, we’re able to uniquely personalize the development experience for each person. In addition, this seminar goes far beyond the workshop! We provide an action plan to your staff that allows for easy implementation and real-time application for the workplace. This is a 1-day course that can be completed in a 7-hour session or in two half-day sessions over a 2-day period.