Customer Service Trainer Certification and Licensing

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having
them leave is not training them and having them stay.”
Henry Ford

Ever get the feeling your company is growing too quickly? Do you experience high turnover in the contact center? Would you like to incorporate Customer Service Training into your new employee onboarding program? Bonfire Training has a convenient and cost-effective solution to help you keep your customer service training going all year long. Our customized sales and customer service training programs can help you make exceptional service the standard throughout your organization.  

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  • Unlock access to our proven programs and materials
  • Create consistency among existing staff and new hires
  • Transform your trainers into Bonfire “Spark-Makers”


Training Topics include:

  • Mastering the training techniques and philosophies that keep your class and staff engaged
  • Ensuring customer service or sales techniques are understood
  • Aligning Bonfire Training practices to your company and brand’s overall vision
  • Supplementing your existing program with Bonfire workbooks, skills cards, job aids and online resources
  • Addressing trouble spots and trends to increase your training’s effectiveness
  • Illustrating techniques with group exercises, plus additional ideas for your unique training
  • Teach-backs and feedback

Who Should Attend

This seminar is right for anyone who trains new or existing employees. While we’re happy to work with training staff at any level of experience, our Licensing & Trainer Certification program is ideally suited for experienced classroom trainers looking to deliver the quality and consistency of our Bonfire Training curricula in-house.

Class Details

Our Trainer Certification and Licensing programs are typically offered as a single day 7-hour session. Trainer Certification is also preceded by 2 days participating in the course in order to be licensed by your organization. This process allows your trainers to observe the course delivered by their Bonfire Trainer twice, which enables them to become familiar with the material and sets them up for success prior to their certification day. Our ideal class size for certification ranges from 3-6 trainers, but we can discuss modifications if you have more than 10 trainers to certify. We’re always happy to modify our approach to best fit your needs!